I often get the sentence: “You just have to believe” on the road. That’s the word or written so concisely, as if you were advised to only stick an umbrella.

“Oh yeah, there’s nothing. I accidentally forgot. I just have to believe it, then it will work …”

Yes I am also a fan of trust. I also believe that if we entrust ourselves to him, trust will give us a great life.

I like to believe. I can trust I can believe in myself.

And: I have learned to believe.

In the last few years. Always a little more. Small steps. Among the big ones. Then another small one.

I can do it very well now. In some areas I could do that from the beginning, in other places it is still difficult for me to this day.

“How,” I asked, “how can we all believe?”

We, our intuition, others, live? How many times have we all been deceived, our beliefs abused, have we felt safe but in danger?

Trust is the basis for someone satisfied Life, for a healthy relationship.

And trust is one of the hardest things we can learn. Besides self love.

Somehow they also become one, love and confidence. I can only trust myself if I truly accept everything within me.

If I can be confident in myself. And don’t start doubting me if a risk doesn’t work. When someone disappoints me.

Trust is not easy for many people.

Why Because we (almost) all don’t have mothers who can give us deep trust in life.

How can they do it? They are children of war or experiencing war itself, they are children of people who do not have the opportunity to believe in life. Instead, they struggle to survive. Like the previous generation of women / men.

In my world, the world of chakra, trust is maintained through the root chakra. And the root chakra develops in the first year of life through contact with mother.

Believe it or not, there are studies and other teachings that can prove that we have trauma from our ancestors. Somehow it will be surprising if not …

So how should we all believe “now”?

I can smile even though I don’t want to smile, I can eat even though I’m not hungry, I can clap even though I think the lecture is stupid, I can think empty thoughts without really believing it, but believe it, I can not pretend!

There or not. Sometimes there are in some situations and not in some. I immediately trusted some people, but not others.

And for some people, everything is risky. And that doesn’t matter. Really okay. And there the saying “trust alone” doesn’t help anything.

It only triggers feelings, which means: “I’m too stupid, stupid or scared. I can not do it! “He can be small. It is not good.

If I can’t believe it, I’m afraid.

And I can also be afraid and still believe and take steps.

Sounds absurd. For example, I am really afraid to leave home, friends, my beloved Ruhr area. And at the same time there is deep trust. It should not go well that I can do it, that it will be good, that I can rely on myself and recognize it early enough. That is basic belief

Fear is a strong feeling. Fear is justified. He wants to protect us from something.

However, sometimes, in a place that doesn’t seem to make sense to us.

And that’s because our amygdala makes quick decisions, but runs away, and then creates fear in places that don’t need fear.

But we can’t always put it down and “just trust them”.

Not believing is not a flaw.

Being able to believe is a great gift that is often hidden behind fear. Behind us and belonging to our mother and grandmother.

So next time you can’t believe, even if someone says to you: “Just believe”.

Accept that it didn’t work. Make love to yourself. Don’t feel small and stupid because you can’t do it anymore.

And then look for small challenges where you can start to believe. Think about times when it worked well.

Strengthen your root chakra if you want to work passionately.

And when you are then asked to “just believe”, you may already see the difference between “jumping into cold water with fear and basic beliefs” and “my intuition tells me I shouldn’t believe that.”

And then listen to your intuition.

Believe in yourself, you have deep feelings about where you can believe and where you can’t.

I am sure of that.

Article Source : rosinageltinger.de