The doorbell rings. Hm, do you think it’s not very interesting now? But the impact almost hit me when I opened it. A woman stands in front of me. The dark circles under the eyes frame the tired look and his slightly squeezed expression scares me.

Yes pleaseI ask rather irritated. Crunching head-trembles in my brain: “Peddlers, beggars, one on a blind mission? Or maybe Jehovah’s Witnesses? “

He smiled tired. A little tormented. With a rough and itchy voice, he tried to smile: “Good morning, may I introduce myself? It’s me, your life! “

I don’t like to imagine how I looked at her at that moment. But I still remember my first thought well: “Silke, close the door!“But something stopped me. Okay, he didn’t set foot in the door. So I can slam the front door anytime. Instead, I stood mesmerized there.

Oh, my God“, I thought. “It’s kind of a bad film now! Or hidden camera! “


Until I find something in common. Similarity to me.

What?I stuttered. He raised the mirror to my face. The similarity is very striking. I saw my reflection and compared myself to it. I have the same tired eyes and black rim. The pinched expression was also hers.

Yes, I worked a long time that night. Sleep well. And I have to admit, the last few days are also not much better. My job has a strong hold on me. I don’t even have time to think about what life wants from me. Outside of work.

Do you also know that? You are running around like crazy all day and the mountains of work aren’t diminishing? Otherwise. It seems like the mountain is higher and higher the more you try, the faster you run.

What will you do if your life is in front of you?

Life to visit
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Will you say it

Hey, how nice of you to stop by, but I really don’t have time right now! Can you come again later … or tonight … or maybe come back tomorrow?

Maybe you will also say:

Hey, it’s cool you will come, wait a minute, I’ll finish writing WhatsApp, make an important phone call and then, then I’ll have less than half an hour!

Maybe you will greet him with the words:

Hi hello, what are you doing here?“(And you think to yourself:”Damn, it’s really strange to me now, why can’t life be registered beforehand? “)

I used to find myself forgetting life completely.

I am instead a very caring and reliable person.

I run after promises or go forward. I keep countless lists of my work, take care of my household, answer my emails, even make more appointments on my complete calendar, by diligently posting my posts every day Facebook, try thinking about every birthday my friend …

Maybe I would totally neglect life at some point if I wasn’t so loving and creative to visit me regularly in an interesting disguise:

Sometimes dive as Miesepeter with a bad mood robe of dark gray in front of me, sometimes as Hans-see-in-airwhich crashed into every nook and corner.

Sometimes it turns out to be chewy Dumpling Cakes with chocolate-covered lips and a large package of handkerchiefs.

Then he disguised himself as old hutzel woman, with dark circles under the eyes and pinched facial expressions.

Occasionally nesting with snot as a roar Reporter in the cinema of my brain and spread a lot of bad news.

Sometimes it even transmits bacteria and viruses. Then to say that I finally had a good reason to shift my teeth.

It’s not unusual if most of the sadness is placed at the front door. And at the latest I know that I have to look after MY LIFE again.

But how do you become a truly good host for life when it’s at your doorstep?

Life to visit
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Now, you can have your organizer sent to the door to be opened and told that no one is at home at this time.

You can also say “Oh, there’s no need for you to come specifically. ”

What do you think: does he want to stay there? Will it feel comfortable with you and bring you a truly great gift?

I think life is a good friend.

And thus, we must treat it too. This means that we take our time when he is paying attention.

We should not deny ourselves to him, but welcome this wonderful friend with open arms and ears.

And not only caring for ourselves, but caring for it with love and patience and attention.

Try. Maybe that won’t work right away.

Because until yesterday we were not friendly with our good friends.

Because we have offended and ignored them too often.

Because we don’t trust him.

But believe me, with a little effort your relationship will change. And then came a very pleasant gift. In abundance and without disguise in disguise.

I open the door of my life every morning with the sentence: WOW, how nice you are there. Let’s spend the day together. Because YOU are important.

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