View Do Chokers Make Your Neck Look Shorter?
. 9 things you didn't know make you shorter. Avoid short necklaces and chokers as these make the neckline look much smaller.

Chic Ways to Wear a Choker – Glam Radar
Chic Ways to Wear a Choker – Glam Radar from

If it's made of a solid material and taller than an inch, or is there is a little grey area here, but essentially a choker should wear like a traditional cloth choker even if it's made of something else. It can also make your neck look a little elongated if you are looking for that effect. This beautiful choker necklace is made with cute daisy chain ribbon.

This alone will make your neck look even shorter.

You might already have a necklace with a long chain, but please. It must sit in the middle of the. Those ladies who have short and wide necks, then i i recommend to try on totally black colored looks, consisting of black chokers, black boots, and other black colored jewelry. A lot of people want to be tall.