Do you work a lot in front of the screen and sometimes have dry, tired eyes?

Then this relaxation exercise for your eyes will definitely help you.

You can do this every now and then.

Of course, you can also use it if your eyes are tired and dry for other reasons.

If you read a lot or do other activities that make your eyes tense, this relaxation exercise is also right for you.

And the best thing about it: This is really child’s play.


Yes, your eyes are connected to your heart.

As you probably already know, the appropriate internal organs are assigned to each of the sense organs.

In the eyes, that’s the heart.

So if your heart is overworked, it can affect your eyes – and vice versa.

Therefore, any sport that is good for the eyes indirectly helps your heart.


It’s important for the heart to keep your lunch break.

Of course, this is not easy on a normal workday.

But whenever you have time, you can lie between 1 thing and 2 things.

You don’t have to sleep, just lie and lie down.

It’s important that you really lie – e.g. Bring your body to a horizontal position.

This is – according to Chinese medicine – your blood can be returned to the liver and this gives you new energy.

As you already know, every exercise you do for your eyes also helps your heart.

But every exercise you do for your heart also helps your eyes.

Therefore, it is very good if you do eye exercises that I present to you in the video while lying down.


If you want to know what else you can do to support your heart, then read my blog article “8 tips for a strong heart “.

I will also make a list of all the other complaints that might have heart block after TCM.

So can you essential lemon oil Use. Your heart really likes it.


I have written an article about the problem of dry and tired eyes.

In it I present two acupressure points that can help you.

“Do you have tired and dry eyes? These 2 points will help you! “

Diet can also affect your eyes.

Basically, all red foods are good for your blood clotting, which in turn helps your heart.

Goji berries are even traded as a secret recipe.

You can also choose red grape juice or beet juice (beet juice) if you have a choice. They also support the formation of your blood.


If you really do a lot of work in front of the screen, or do other things that are hard on your eyes, this can help you to look out the window from time to time – preferably in green.

Green is the color of the heart.

It also relaxes your eyes when you look into the distance.

So: Instead of a smoking break – smoking isn’t so good for your eyes – you just need to look out the window.

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