Over / Under bets, also as Over / Under Target Betting known, not just something for newcomers!

For beginners, goal bets are an ideal place to start because they are relatively easy to calculate and understand, and advanced players prefer over / under bets because they are a reliable betting market.

Over / Under is a good way to make money from bets

What is meant by over / under?

Betting on over / under goals means betting on The number of goals in the game bet. It doesn’t matter which team scores.

You simply add goals scored by each team to get the total number of goals scored in the game. For betting purposes you don’t need to worry about who is the favorite in the game, and team news is not important. This is just about the total number of goals!

The simplicity of this type of betting makes it very popular.

If you want to place an over / under bet, you only need to choose two things:

  1. The ‘goal line’ that you want to stake and
  2. Will there be more than (more) or less of (below) targets than the chosen target line

To win a bet, no matter how close to the goal line the actual results are achieved. Bets pay the same, regardless of whether the total number of goals is near or further from the goal line.

Why “point five”?

Over / Under bets ending in .5 only two possible outcomes:

Either you win a bet and get a bet and your profit is paid, or you lose a bet and thus your bet.

Because of course there are no half goals in reality, you have to imagine 0.5 as a turning point.

For example, more than 0.5 goals means: at least 1 goal

Less than 0.5 goals: less than 0.5 goals, so 0 goals that correspond to 0-0 results.

Upper / Lower Gate – example

For example, let’s look at favorites: Over / Under 2.5 goals
(This bet is probably THE favorite among betting fans, because the betting odds are usually around Fifty / Fifty. I really wonder why this bet is so well liked, but rightly so.)

But again for example:

Who would have thought that a game would be rich in goals, e.g. that there will be at least three goals, betting on “More than 2.5”. However, if you think that both teams can protect their goals well, you bet on “Under 2.5”.

Over / Under 2 goals or Over / Under 2.25 goals

This bet is a little more complicated to understand and therefore there are additional articles on this topic: Understanding Target Lines in Over / Under Target Bets

The first goal line betting group is somewhat similar to Asian handicap betting on 1 × 2 results. Like the AHC, there is a possibility of a refund if certain results arrive, in this case the “goal line”.

There is a “boost” if the match ends in a draw (= ‘goal line’); In this case the bet friend gets his money back. Otherwise, if there are fewer goals scored than the goal line, the stakes are lost, and if more goals are scored, it is a win

.25 and .75 bets are a little more complicated … You combine .5 bets with goal line bets and you get a .75 or .25 bet bet. Half of the bets are placed at 0.5 and the other half on the Target Line.

Stay away from this bet if you don’t fully understand it !!!!

There is a good acronym in English: K.S.S. – This abbreviation stands for “Keep it simple, stupid(KISS Principle: Wikipedia).

The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are made simple and not too complicated.

So … Stay on the bet. 5 Over / Under! Don’t complicate things more than they should. It is quite difficult to predict 0.5 bets accurately enough and to calculate their true odds of finding value bets.

The image below shows which bet (more or less) wins for a particular goal line.

Over or Under Bet - Which bet wins for which goal line?

Warning! Some goals don’t count!

When placing an over / under soccer bet, only goals are scored within 90 regular minutes!

If a match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, goals scored in extra time or penalty will not be counted towards the bet.

Therefore, the end result of the game is not important. Undecided games like 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc. Then calculated for bets over / under …

Choose your bet based on statistical calculations

Bets calculate their betting odds for all bets, of course also for bets above and below, based on historical statistical data.

And of course, because everywhere in the business, supply and demand determine the final price, as do betting opportunities offered in the market.

If you know some statistics and can recalculate betting odds, then you can estimate whether the betting price is good or bad.

Tips: The best bets rarely get close to the predicted results!

In other words: If you are reasonably sure that the game will likely end with 2 or 3 goals, you should stay away from betting over / under 2.5! This bet will have the highest demand and the bookie will reduce the price.

You must bet more than 1.5 or below 3.5. First of all, you burn your finger less because you have given an ‘air’ destination and second, this is a less popular bet and you are often better off with the price.

Make money with bets

Many football widow readers are surprised at how important statistics and mathematics are for long-term betting success.

Before you find this blog for the first time, most betting fans rely on their feelings. It can be observed that most soccer fans are really good at predicting match results, but they lose more betting money than win.


A truly sustainable weather result contains more knowledge than you think !!! You must learn to understand betting opportunities (price)!

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