The following quote has been derived from the Greek philosopher Aristotle: Those who managed to get up before dawn laid the foundation for health, wealth and prosperity.

If you visit the relevant WEB pages regularly, you will really get the impression that all successful people are people who wake up earlier.

Two general approaches and reasons this failure.

Let me take the myth that we meet again and again and erase it from the world forever. This myth is about what are called ancient bird genes. Well, there are people who need more time in the morning to get their bodies running, but the early bird genes have not been proven. So it’s wrong to think that you will be more successful in school and at work if your ancestors only gave you this gene. Stop blaming others for failures in your life and start doing things that have helped many people fight morning fatigue.

For example, you can drink strong coffee in the morning, take a walk in the fresh air. You can often hear the suggestion of going to bed early at night. Sounds reasonable, but it’s wrong! It has been found that your body’s need for sleep fluctuates from day to day. For this reason, the assumption that you need to sleep eight hours each night and therefore have to go to sleep at 9 pm to wake up at 5 am the next morning is incorrect.

From biology comes the approach to sleep when you are tired and sleep until you wake up alone. This approach also sounds reasonable, but can only be done on weekends or holidays.

Health foundation, wealth and prosperity.

Now let us consider whether Aristotle’s statement is true. Is getting up early really the foundation for your health, wealth, and prosperity?

For the health sector you can answer this question with “yes”.

For people who wake up in the morning, that day starts with stress and this is not good for your body in the long run. Add to this the fact that your colleagues are already very active while you are still on your way to work. As a result, when you finally show up at work, a lot of work awaits you, which is also not a pleasant feeling. When you come home from work at night, your children are already in bed or on their way there, and you also develop a guilty conscience toward them because you don’t care enough for them. In addition to stress at work, there are also feelings of guilt and both of them drain your health.

But what about the terms “wealth” or “prosperity”? The fact is that if you come to work in the morning or be late for an important appointment, you will be punished. No one can offer this for a longer period of time. Our society is also designed to wake up early. They are considered hardworking and disciplined. Two qualities that make this type of success in our society.

If you want health, wealth, and prosperity, you must be willing to pay the price.

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This is how you become an early bird

In the first part of this article, I show you two broad approaches to getting up early. However, both approaches have problems, as stated above: they don’t work. But don’t give up, because now I will explain how you can change from so-called “owls” (night people) to “birds” (early birds).

As always in changing habits, the first step is a decision. Therefore, this is the first step to becoming a “bird”. It is also very helpful to make this decision in writing, because nothing is more meaningful than the written word.

The approach from biology mentioned in the first part of sleep when you are tired is basically right. But now let me add an important aspect. Many people complain of difficulty sleeping. They usually sleep at the same time every night and then lie down for hours. These hours are valuable time that you can use more productively, for example by reading a book.

By the way, reading is an amazing thing you can do at night until your body releases the appropriate hormones and you have to give up on the urge to sleep, no matter how interesting your book is right now. So if you lie in bed for more than half an hour, you have to get used to getting up again, picking up a book, and reading it. Of course you can also do this in bed as long as it doesn’t bother your partner.

However, you must always wake up at the same time and not only when you wake up alone. At this point, this approach is different from the one in the first section. Over time, your body will automatically adopt this rhythm and always wake you up at the same time. You only need to overcome yourself and leave a warm bed. But maybe the ideas of health, wealth, and prosperity conveyed in this article will help you do this.

Another motivational urge to leave the bed when the alarm clock sounds for the first time can be a morning ritual. I usually get up early, drink coffee, listen to classical music on my MP3 player and start planning for the day. If I think it’s important, I write it down in a sketchbook. I enjoy this ritual and look forward to it when I wake up.

As an early bird, you also get other benefits. Buses and trains are not as busy in the morning as in the future. For you, this means that the way you work is far less stressful and you are guaranteed a place to sit.

Maybe that also motivates you to play “rabbit and hedgehog” with your colleagues. When they start working with the belief that they are the first, smile at them and think, “I’m already there!”

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