Job crafting helps you turn your work into vocation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a senior manager or a beginner. Job crafting is a technique that you can use to increase your satisfaction and involvement in the daily hamster wheel.

Briefly the definition according to Wikipedia:

“Job crafting is an active and individual design of your own work. Employees strive to redesign and improve their work independently based on their own motivation. The nature and success of this process depends on the personality structure of the people working, including tendencies, initiative and self-confidence. ”

The secret is that you divide your work into blocks that you can arrange according to your desires and strengths. Forget the feeling of walking on a hamster wheel from 9am to 5am. Read these tips to redesign your work day and create a more fulfilling career.

Here are some craft work steps to control the work of your hamster bike

1. Monitor your energy level

Find out which activities stimulate you and which make you feel drained. You will get clarity about where to use your time and efforts more effectively.

2. Restructure your tasks

Now you can begin to redesign your position. Think about the tasks that you want to devote more to and the tasks that you want to say goodbye step by step. Think about how you can implement it. It seems impossible at first, but it becomes realistic if you work strategically on it.

Craft work
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3. Reorganize your relationship

Personal interaction plays a big role in your work life. Will your productivity increase if you work closer with a social media team or human resources department? Do you feel happy to oversee an internship or exchange ideas with your colleagues in other companies? See where your strengths lie and what kind of interpersonal relationships you like about your work and focus on them.

4. Change your mindset.

The most important adjustments you can make can occur in your own mind. A positive approach can help you be more satisfied if you have to face tight deadlines or long trips to your workplace, for example. (Learn more here about how to change your mindset.

5. Learning

It’s easier to be flexible if you continue to develop your knowledge and skills. See how you can become better in your favorite area. Then choose the form of learning that best suits you (books, training, online courses, etc.)

6. Find balance

Remember that there is more to it than your professional identity. Stay true to your personal goals and be honest with yourself. If no preferred area can be found in your work, then leave your hamster’s wheels.

Work makes steps that you can take with your colleagues.

1. Contact your manager

It will be easier for you if you have a boss. Highlight how craft work can help you do your work more effectively. Use concrete examples that relate to your priorities.

2. Promote team work

Studies show that craft work is more successful if the entire organization participates. Involve your colleagues and other departments in the process and always involve your boss.

3. Make allies

Work with employees who share your enthusiasm and also want to give your hamster bike a personal touch. So you can give each other valuable advice and feedback.

Craft work
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4. Switch assignments

The advantage of working with you is that you can find office colleagues who really like the task you want to avoid. The two of you will move forward when you can turn in an assignment and pick up the other one and the results will be better at the end of the day.

5. Encourage innovation.

Today, successful companies are those that can keep up with changing demands. Job crafting will increase the security of your work by making your company more adaptable when employees think creatively about how to best use resources.

6. Get trust.

Your boss and your employees will be more likely to support your interest in creating jobs if you convince them that it also matches their interests. Determine individual excellence for all fields and bring more allies in it.

Think of your job description as a starting point and not as a hamster wheel with no way out. Work execution can help you identify new opportunities and make small changes that make a big difference in your work life.

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