Overcome self-doubt? In this article I will tell you 5 strategies.

Do you know that? If you ponder forever after that decision is that right?

Especially when it comes to something as important as freeing yourself from the hamster wheel and doing your own things, the first thing you always think about is what happens if I fail?

Because there is a lot at stake.

The sad thing about persistent doubts is that they too often turn out to be true. That is because with your way of thinking, you magnetically attract negative developments.

One thing is clear: You can actively fight your self-doubts. With the right attitude, you not only develop better skills when you have to make decisions, but your confidence increases step by step and your uncertainties subside.

Just try these small steps to place a little criticism in you and get rid of your doubts with more confidence. Here is a small list for your question, “What to do about self-doubt?”

Overcoming self-doubt – 5 strategies:

Press the pause button.

This is one of the most important skills in all areas of life. Stop for a moment and check the situation.

Reflect on where self-doubt comes from and where past events have triggered them. Because self-doubt only comes from the fact that you have failed something and you think that it only repeats itself repeatedly.

• Are you good at dropping in? Maybe you unconsciously repeat a negative mantra that keeps you from taking a step forward and continues to let self-doubt flare up inside you like a campfire that shouldn’t come out overnight.

Negative beliefs like “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough” always haunting your head?

• The next time these sentences appear in you, just ask yourself a question:

“I’m right, what am I thinking? Is that true or do I just believe it?”

• And start outsmarting yourself by changing these negative beliefs into positive beliefs. You will now think: this won’t work easily …

First, it is true, if you have thought that from the beginning and secondly, this thought was originally nothing more than the false and negative beliefs that are currently in your mind.

So if both beliefs (positive and negative) aren’t right now, why not just choose the positive?

Be nice to yourself

Whenever we feel insecure, we are a little angry at ourselves at the same time.

Because it shows you that you can’t do something, aren’t sure about something, or that your perfectionism can’t be done.

But this strategy did nothing. Quite the opposite. If you are angry with yourself, you become more dissatisfied and self-doubt begins to increase.

You start a vicious cycle for yourself, where it is increasingly difficult to get out.

The fact that you make a mistake, are not sure, or can’t do something doesn’t make you a bad person.

That only makes you human.

Be kind to yourself and leave yourself all these small and big shortcomings.

Start with the fact that you want to be better and will be better. Just reading this article proves that you are interested in your personal changes and development.

So be patient and take your time to get better. Not being able to do everything perfectly right away is a fact.

Just as the sun rises in the morning and objects fall to the ground due to gravity, it is a fact that you and I are not good at everything.

But it can be good in many ways. If you have patience.

And love you.

Make a list.

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.

If you connect everything you doubt, all thoughts where uncertainty spreads.

On the right you write down all the facts that theoretically can deny this doubt. It doesn’t even really have to be denied. It’s enough if you see that there is a way to see things differently.

For example, you now want to be your own hiring and boss job. You think, “There are no plans on how to do it. Never done it before. “Then on the right hand side you can make a list of everything you have managed in your life without actually having a plan.

You will be amazed at how many positive arguments will be found. If the positive side is too short, think about all your talents and skills. Maybe even ask your spouse and friends about you and your skills.

Write yourself a letter for you.

Write a letter for yourself. In it, you describe in as much detail as possible all of your positive qualities and all the experiences where you emerged as a winner in new challenges and obstacles.

Be enthusiastic and don’t save with self-praise. Fun, believe me. And that really motivates you. It shows you how good you are at many things in life and what is already in your wisdom account.

• Writing by yourself might sound a bit strange at first, but you will soon see what it takes you.

Many unclear thoughts are formed, many of which have not been clear until now have become clear and many that you have not thought so far revealed as positive abilities.

Take a shower of praise for yourself. Nobody knows about that. Don’t forget to save this letter in a nice or similar folder and read it regularly.

Beat self-doubt

Create a praise directory.

Pay attention to all the positive things that other people say to you and write them down. Of course, along with info, who is praising. This is the perfect addition to the letter for yourself.

If you have a problem with self-doubt, it’s easy to forget many of these things. All the good opinions that other people have about you.

Gather all emails, write verbal praise, praise, greeting cards and the like. Write down all the “punches”, hugs, and congratulations.

Many people have many good things to say about you.

• You can take your directory at your fingertips anytime self-doubts knock again.

Read a few lines and your smile will put doubt in its place.

Self-doubt can rob you of many opportunities in your life. Start doing more business with yourself and ask yourself questions about your personal strengths and talents.

It is clear that self-doubt is human nature.

Everyone has it and everyone can find solutions and other ways to deal with it and overcome it.

What should be done about self-doubt?

It took me a long time to understand that I was responsible for everything in my life and at the same time I was always too critical of myself.

I don’t blame others for anything that happens in my life, I blame it on fate, misfortune, on the universe or whatever.

This basic decision brought 2 results.

First: You take full and complete responsibility for your life and all the results that it provides. This is a big problem, because we are accustomed to blaming everything around us for problems and failures relatively quickly, acknowledging self-doubts and letting ourselves get out of the picture. The decision only brought plain text. Plain text is difficult and it might be very difficult for many people

Second: The second result is absolute freedom and self-determination. As soon as you realize that you are responsible for success and failure, for good or bad moods or whatever, you have control in your hands. You are no longer a passenger, you are the captain. You have free space to maneuver and are actually freed (if you pass the paragraph above).

Can you live with the idea of ​​being responsible for your success? To be fully responsible for whether you stay on the hamster’s wheel? Being fully responsible for whether you live your vocation and become successful with it? Fully responsible for obstacles, e.g. to overcome yourself in your independence?

Can you live with that?

If so, we will be the next to overcome the biggest obstacles to success. The best sign that not someone else is putting a stone in your path to success, but yourself.

And the brakes on this success are called perfectionism or excessive, permanent, and always too self-critical.

Self-criticism is a phenomenon that develops slowly and quietly. Comparable to a hamster’s wheel, it slowly but surely enters your life and hence you will not notice it. The more it spreads in your head and the less you feel it. And the question “What is my strength” does not arise again.

Self-criticism becomes normal. So normal that when you shake your head because of self-criticism from others and you think, “What do they have? I am normal. Others just see it wrong. ”

That is why I think I will gather a few signs that you are too critical of yourself and hold it in front of you while online.

criticize yourself

12 signs that you are too self-critical and how to overcome your self-doubts


You can’t really get away with anything. Because your thoughts and doubts about you keep you from even the smallest step. You step in the place so that you are not mistaken.

Forgive me

You hate the mistakes of others. Because you cannot forgive yourself, it is difficult for others. Your expectations are too high because your perfectionism makes you always critical of yourself.


You can’t take credit, be happy about it, and don’t know how to deal with it. Your inner critic tells you: That’s not true. This is not as good as others do.


Because you criticize yourself, you don’t have the courage to overcome your worries. They seem inferior and not important to you. Therefore, you are often attractive, which in turn strengthens your critical thinking.

Self harassment

There are many moments in the day when you say bad things to yourself. You don’t even find the bad anymore, because you are used to your inner critic. By the way: Nobody can and may be as critical as you.

Bad performance

Because self-criticism and doubt echo in many of your actions, you always drive “half way”. You are never serious and never really support your actions. Outstanding results and achievements do not exist. This gives even more reason to criticize yourself


Other people don’t hesitate to criticize you. You don’t give a contra, but accept criticism without playing the ball back. People who like to exploit the weaknesses of others have a good radar and always like to play this trump card.


Minor inconsistencies become an existential problem. You generalize quickly. If you are self-critical, you like to use words that relate to you: always and never.


Do you not believe in yourself and your skills? Then there is no reason for you to talk to others about it. Criticizing yourself makes you think that you are only stealing time from others, because more important things must be done. Because of this, you quickly attract and prefer to stay for yourself.


You take out your mistakes from the past again and again, live through them and get annoyed. The best strategy to continue to panic about new mistakes in the future.

Snail skin

Being self-critical means that you never ask for advice or help. Because you worry that your questions and efforts might seem silly or unimportant to others.

Self love

Do you like yourself Can you look in the mirror and think, “Yes, you are fine. I love you!” If this is difficult for you, then self-criticism is a game with him.

If you find yourself in one way or another, you will ask yourself: And what should I do?

The good news is: You have already done something about it. Because with this article you make yourself aware that you are critical of yourself. The simplest solution: print an article, place it on your bedside table and read it every day. The more you realize what you are doing with yourself, the more you will be motivated to change your thoughts and behavior.

Criticism – one of the most common causes of self-doubt

Reviews: No matter what you do in your life, you cannot avoid it. Whether writers, artists, designers, cooks, managers, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter which career path you choose, it will happen always criticism give. Criticism is an important skill.

If you are still lacking in your critical abilities or someone who is easily offended by criticism, this can affect your career and your ability to identify yourself as a person. to develop further very limiting.

When we are upset with something, we often tend to overreact and overreact.

You can handle negative feedback much better if you can: take a deep breath first and then think about what has been said.

So basically press pause and don’t respond right away. Attention and awareness what happens is an important factor.

When you realize that you are being criticized, you are practically in your head watch yourselfthen you win Distance for each situation, the distance to criticism and also the distance to your emotions. Long distances create the best basis for more critical abilities.

Comfreak / Pixabay

Fight self-doubt: three steps free of bullshit, against self-criticism & Co

There are three very simple steps that you can practice in your life and then apply those that are easier for you to accept criticism.


Do what you like Sounds easy enough at first, doesn’t it? (Find out more about the subject here) If you really like what you do, you will be able to see it in your work. And if you really like what you do, you will see how you are increasingly involved Open criticism from outside.

If your work is nothing more than a hobby or something you are only for money do it for you much more difficulttolerate and process negative feedback.


Believe in what you are doing. You just have to do something that you truly believe in. If you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, criticism of the problem will be yours Confidence strengthen instead of dismantling them.

In addition, you not only develop your critical faculties, but even faculties that are informed and detailed with your criticism Entertainment can lead about it.


Find the positive in everything. Unfortunately, internal criticism raises fundamental negativity. Not many people hear the word “criticism” and think: “Oh, how nice! I am criticized today!”

Because it’s very important for that Look positively in every criticism, no matter from whom or where it comes from. And to let your inner moderator say “No” to criticism.

Let’s face it, you will be criticized by different people in all areas of your life. But if you can integrate these three very simple steps into your life, you will see that these uncomfortable feelings will slowly disappear.

In time you will become Criticism is even welcomed. This might sound crazy now, but give it all the time and you might feel the same way.

Dealing with criticism: negative feedback doesn’t hurt. This is useful.

Think about a moment in your life when someone criticized something you did and when Effectthis negative feedback has been on you. Maybe criticism came at the wrong time, maybe you had a bad day before and it hit you really hard.

You might say something like, “Why would someone say something like that? That’s just evil.”

Maybe you even keep that thought in you negative feeling forward or angry.

You might not pay attention to that how do you react to criticism (how critical you are) your life change for the better, but also for the bad can and even influence the people around you.

Here’s a thought about how to handle criticism better:

If you let negative feedback make you angry, in time you will become a person who is unable to criticize and who is very simple negatively influenced from outside can.

Not good at all. And that will not help the people around you. If you allow this, you will only see further negativity. Not good at all.

The ones mentioned above also help you here Pause button in interaction with Full attention compared to now.

So you can use this moment when you experience criticism and tell yourself that you are drawing strength from negative criticism to initiate positive changes in your life. Criticism is power.

nastya_gepp / Pixabay

Get rid of self-doubt: what criticism can be done for you

If you are impartial, negative feedback has the power to affect you positively in many areas of life, even if you haven’t thought about it. Criticism can make you smarter, stronger, more patient, happier, more relaxed and above all more successful.

Criticism can be in you social skills grow leave it for you new perspective helps in your work or business and overall makes you a lot happier and more attentive people make.

But the best thing about criticism is that it can bring together new ideas and people. It can even change the course of history.

Think people like Steve Jobs. What will happen if he does not take criticism from his first Macintosh, the iPod or the only button on the iPhone as an opportunity to become better. If he isn’t negative energy with his help Enthusiasm enter Motivation will change.

Sometimes negative feedback can be the key that opens our eyes to injustice. The key is to open doors to new ways of doing things in various fields.

Criticism is not just negative. Watch the video and you will see how much praise can be given:

What do you think of that Art movement how did impressionism, surrealism and modernism develop? Like new technological development occur? Do you think these people? only surrounded by positive feedback and praise Is that? Certainly not!

But look what they do, how much life they influence!

Especially the whole Successful people always have to accept a lot of things. The difference with them is that they do not sail against the wind. They use the wind to take new, faster routes.

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