Easy to breathe

It’s getting cold and the humid wind is hitting my face with discomfort. I button a thick coat over my chin and pull my hat to my forehead.

I heaved a sigh of relief: as I walked through the thick layer of rustling leaves, I enjoyed the silence in the forest. Even the birds are silent today.

For a long time I did not realize why I would regain my strength in November, when many others fell into the winter.

While I was depressed for years at the end of the summer, I was always amazed at how well I was in this cloudy and cold time.

How to fill in actually?

One of the few lights came on when I heard about the different mechanisms of introvert and extrovert regeneration:

Introverts need time to regenerate. Introverts do not mean they are shy or sociable. This only means that they are more likely to refuel when they are alone and enjoy two-way exchanges more than large groups. Extroverts like variety and adventure. They like to spend time with large groups of people instead of withdrawing.

Obviously, many people tend to be extreme.

Of course there are also balanced types between these two poles. These people mostly enjoy being in a larger group. The rest period, which you also need afterward, is rather short. You refill with a mixture of time for yourself and social exchange.

Understand me

I was clearly an introvert because I was reborn in silence when I was alone. Being together at a party or going to a concert just makes me tired.

Silence in the forest today is very good for me. Again and again. I like the quietness of November, which is fun among the trees. I could only hear the leaves rustling under my feet. My head calmed down, my breathing deepened and my body relaxed.

Understanding this has really helped me to develop compassion and understanding for myself. Initially I was able to understand it myself. Then I can let myself come out. Unfortunately, this did not happen for a long time.

(Understanding yourself, listening to yourself is very closely related to self-love. Also read, Do you want to love yourself more?)

Full steam becomes depressed

For me, summer is when I travel a lot. I often relate to other people. Always like that. The social temptations are enormous. Here on a picnic, there is a meeting on the lake.

Outdoor offerings are booming and fun. Me, too. In the summer I only experienced a lot of things and gathered a lot of impressions. I used to keep in touch in the summer instead of resting and alone.

I also like being with people. Introverts don’t mean that I don’t like contact.

Fatigue depression in September is my acceptance year after year. When I experienced a “major” disorder at the end of 2010, I didn’t really understand what depression really meant

Depression, that doesn’t mean doing many things. Above all, it is said that I do not recognize or recognize what really helps me to regenerate. Besides that, I didn’t follow my own rhythm.

(Here you will also find tips on how to make your daily life more relaxed!)

What is my rhythm?

The activity is like breathing.

It was clear to me that I inhaled and exhaled. I do not need to do anything. Besides, it makes me breathe. Well, despite the fact that we only breathe very flat under pressure. But that is another topic.

I need active rhythm and rest to be balanced. Everyone needs it.

How much activity and how much rest one needs is very different indeed. Especially against the background that there are people who regenerate in society. And that there are people who recharge their batteries when they are alone and in silence.

My permission

Understanding that I need to rest longer than others is very important. Understanding is the basic basis for acceptance. With my permission.

Today I don’t need the whole fall until I have made it myself and finally bloom again in November.

Today I also allow myself to take time off for myself during the summer, when the temptation to go with friends and family is very pleasant.

Then maybe I would crawl into my cave in bright sunlight to see nothing and not hear anything that disturbed me from outside.

When I sink into this calm oasis, into this time and space where everyday noise does not penetrate, I hear my inner voice again.

The voice of my heart is rather quiet, and sometimes lost in everyday noise.

My inner voice tells me very often what is really good for me now. From there I get encouragement for activities that nourish me at the level of body, mind, and spirit.

Prize in November

That is also the reason why I like November very much and appreciate its special advantages:

Often cold and uncomfortable outside.

November invited me in.

Just like I returned to my apartment or house on a physical level in November because it wasn’t too inviting outside. So November can also be a special invitation to enter on an emotional and intellectual level.

To return to the center of outside interference, to get impulses for activities that are truly beneficial.

Challenge in November

For people who refuel at the company, November is more a challenge than a gift for calming down.

I still remember that we used to visit often and spontaneously at home. So it doesn’t really matter whether the booth is tidied and cleaned.

I almost didn’t know that today. Okay, I’ll be wide-eyed now if friends spontaneously make noise at the front door and come for coffee.

A pleasant night in a small group instead of social media with a large and wide world: It will also be a cold, gray November day

Thank you, November

For today I feel cold after walking November back to the warm room. I can really feel and smell the aroma of hot tea.

My cat, Tara, slipped through the front door and looked forward to a hug unit near the stove. Hot drink in his hand and cat purring on his lap.

Article Source : rosinageltinger.de