This article is for anyone who wants to love themselves more, but doesn’t know how to do it!

I want to start this article with the definition of self-love, and in Duden I found the following:

“The meaning of self-love: selfish love for yourself; Self love ”

I say, I almost fell off the chair when I read that.

Self love really has nothing to do with egoism. Even with selfishness or arrogance.

Self love is the basis. Self-love is our duty for various reasons. Self-love is the most important contribution to world peace.

But as long as such ideas are still widespread, it’s no wonder we struggle with self-love.

But, I did not give up.

So I kept looking for other definitions. I found what I was looking for on Wikipedia:

Self-love, also self-love, shows acceptance that embraces oneself in the form of unlimited love for oneself. This term is related, but not completely identical, to terms such as self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-care, self-confidence and self-esteem. ”

Yes, that fits my definition of self-love. I like it very much.

Simply put: “Be your best friend”.

But that seems to be a big challenge in life.

We are very good at devaluing and criticizing ourselves. We are harder on ourselves than others. We forgive others more than ourselves. (I discuss the topic of self-doubt in this article.)

Actually, it’s crazy, right? It’s crazy if we give others a higher priority than ourselves.

And it’s time we stop now!

And I don’t mean that we are now stretching like peacocks and with swollen breasts.

No, what I mean is a healthy relationship with ourselves, with our values, with our abilities and also with our mistakes, weaknesses, and vulnerable sides.

Why love yourself

1. We owe it to our children and fellow humans.

We have an obligation to show authentic self-love so that children have a good example. And also so that we can inspire others who are still struggling with their self-love.

2. Self-love is the most important contribution to world peace.

And I mean really serious. If we love and accept ourselves fully, then we no longer have to project our frustration, aggression, and anger on other people, people, and beliefs.

Then everyone can live life relaxed, which is good and right for them!

3. Self love has many advantages for your life:

– Your life is more relaxed and relaxed overall (tips for a more relaxed everyday life can also be found here.)
– Self love makes you more stress resistant
– You are more efficient
– You have more pleasure and pleasure in life
– Love yourself is good for your health

These are just a few examples that come to mind spontaneously. But of course there are many more advantages.

And the good news is: we can learn to love ourselves more!

That is why I have collected 7 ways for you to help you strengthen and enhance your self-love.

# 1 Organize a life that is worth living and loving

And always. I mean things like:

– Pamper yourself with delicious food!

We all know how bad you feel after eating some fast food. Crowded, bloated and somewhat dissatisfied.

Eating can also do the opposite. After a delicious meal freshly prepared with love, we feel full.

– Just made your bed regularly

Someone likes to curl up in a newly made bed and also sleep better.

– Make yourself comfortable

Create a welfare oasis in your apartment, e.g. with decorations, aroma lamps, pictures, light. What do you want to do? Then you already have health effects when you go home.

If you pay attention to good food and create a beautiful environment, this not only increases your well-being, but you also give yourself credit. Important aspects of self love.

# 2 Start loving your rough side

None of us are perfect! There is no one, not even the highest-paid model in the world. And that is very good and good.

But most of us don’t accept it. We oppose ourselves and with our “shortcomings”. This creates negative feelings.

And at that time we are far from self-love. Self love cannot grow in negative feelings.

So it’s important that you start to make peace with your “shortcomings.”

Try to accept yourself as you are. You are fine as is. You are quite as good as you.

And you know our corners and ends make each of us so special.

This is good practice:

Stand in front of the mirror. Mention what you don’t like about yourself. This can be something physical, but also eg. a trait or trait.

Let’s take the example that you are very impatient and don’t like it. You stand in front of the game and say loudly: “I’m very impatient. And you know that it’s OK!” And then you take a deep breath.

And you repeat it regularly, and as long as you realize that the phrase “It’s OK!” No longer triggers resistance to you.

# 3, crazy!

Go crazy and do things you’ve never done before but always want to try. Jump from a 10m tower, order a bungee jump, swim in winter, ride a fun ride in an arena that frightens you, sing in a karaoke bar, be part of an improvised theater.

Whatever you can think of. Whatever you call crazy.

What does that have to do with self-love? Every time you do something “crazy”, something that takes you out of your comfort zone, you will be really proud of yourself afterward. That’s you brave.

# 4 Rock in the waves

You know the person you call rock in the waves. People who always keep their heads calm, are empathetic, who know what to do at the right time and who can lean on.

Be yourself this rock in the waves. And you can do it by trusting yourself.

Increase your confidence – this will strengthen your self-love.

“And how do I do that?” You might ask yourself now.

Spend time alone with yourself so that you get good contact with yourself again. Take a trip or travel alone.

Write down things you have done in life that you are proud of. I’m sure the list is much longer than you think!

Write down dangerous or dangerous situations. And that you master with extraordinary. And because you reacted like that, you survived this dangerous situation well.

Be aware of what you have done in your life!

Humor # 5

Don’t take life so seriously. If something doesn’t work, just smile. Or rest. Be patient a little and try again later.

Instead of demeaning and insulting yourself, try to take it all with a good dose of humor. “Oh, me again, now I’ve forgotten xy. So, sometimes I’m really a boy.” And with a big smile. It has a completely different effect from “Man, I’m so stupid. Now you’ve forgotten that again. ”

It might be a bit strange at first, but you will see that the more you try, the easier it will be for you.

This not only strengthens your love for yourself, but also makes your life much more fun!

# 6 listen up

Your conscience knows exactly what is right and good for you and what is not. Learn to listen to this voice again, to understand and believe it.

This not only means you make better decisions for yourself, but also increases your confidence.

And please don’t say now, I don’t know what my inner voice says.

We always know whether it tastes good or bad. You know if this conversation is fun for you or if you are bored. You know whether it feels good to drink coffee with this friend or not.

It’s just a question of whether we want to hear and feel it.

And then about practicing it: Do more good for you
and less than what’s not good for you!

# 7 Find your gas station

Most things must be refilled or refilled. This applies not only to devices, but also to us.

Find something that really makes you tired. Find something where you can get pure energy without consuming energy.

Many find it in nature. For example, go to the forest, hug a tree or just walk in nature.

But it can also be other things, like watching animals, listening to music, meditating or painting.

It is important that it is something that gives you energy but does not take energy. If you don’t know what fuel is best for you, just try various things. Until you find what is right for you.

Take a moment, take a deep breath and feel yourself inside. How much energy do you need for a normal week? And how much energy do you get when you are at your gas station?

Then you get a pretty good feeling for how often and how long you have to fill in a week.


If you apply these things to your life, you face a real risk that your self-love will soon break through the roof.

And you can hardly stand it because you love yourself so much.

Leaving aside 😉 If you do these things, many things will change in your life. Not only in terms of self love!

It is important for you to be patient. Give yourself time to process this change. Give yourself time so that your body and soul can process this new information. Please do not put yourself under pressure. New neural pathways must first be prepared – and that only takes time.

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