Beautifully Glossy Bagels.

You are able to cook Beautifully Glossy Bagels using 6 ingredients and 9 steps. This is the preparation you have to do to prepare it.

Ingredients of Beautifully Glossy Bagels

  1. – Prepare 100 grams of Bread flour.
  2. – Prepare 1/3 tsp of Dry yeast.
  3. – It’s 2 tsp of Sugar.
  4. – It’s 1/3 tsp of Salt.
  5. – You need 60 ml of Lukewarm water.
  6. – You need 1 of boiling water 1 l + sugar 1 tablespoon Water for boilig and sugar (or honey).

Beautifully Glossy Bagels instructions

  1. Put the dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well in the middle and add the sugar and yeast. Put the salt outside of the well. Pour in the lukewarm water quickly while mixing with the dry ingredients..
  2. Kneading with your hands may be difficult at first but in 2 minutes, the dough won't stick to your hands so much. In 5 minutes, it'll become smooth. In another 5 minutes, it becomes moist (knead for a total of 10 – 12 minutes). Divide in half, cover with a tightly wrung out kitchen towel or a bowl, and let sit for 10 minutes..
  3. Press the air out, and roll into a doughut. Close the seams completely. Let them rise at room temperature for 30 – 40 minutes with the tightly wrung out towel or bowl placed over them.
  4. Boil water, and turn down the heat to low. Add the sugar (I used honey this time). Gently put the dough in, and boil for 30 seconds each side. Handle the cooking dough carefully..
  5. Place on parchment paper, and leave them for about 5 minutes to cool. Bake in the oven for 13 minutes at 210℃ (preheat at 230℃)..
  6. I made this bagel with whey. It was fluffy and chewy..
  7. I made 7 cm diameter bagels..
  8. Then were are 8 cm diameter after rising..
  9. They became 9 cm in diameter after being boiled..

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