This article is about wasting time.

Of course you have discussed this topic before.

Actually, this topic is classic and in fact everything about this topic has been said somewhere and at a certain point.

Why did I write about that? Just because it’s good that you always critically question what you do; it’s a good idea to increase awareness about what diverts you from productive work.

What Eats Time?

Time wasters are pesky energy monsters who want to control your daily life again and again.

The most important question is do you allow this?

Or have you given up and left the battlefield with them?

Maybe you’re wondering why I use terms like “rules” or “battlefields”. I deliberately chose this term because time wasters are your enemy.

That’s why you have to stop compromising with these pesky monsters.


Time waster
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The question that is often discussed is the question about the most common time-waster in our society. There are surveys and scientific studies in this field, but the answers are very different.

However, universal time eaters appear and this is communication.

At first glance these results seem surprising, but if you consider that all activities on social media channels like Whatsapp and Facebook are taken into account in communication, these results can be understood.

Now humans are social beings who need contact with others and sometimes also consciously seek.

However, you must be vigilant at this time.

So that we are not wrong ourselves: It is right and important to connect with others and care for them.

However, what you should avoid are shallow topics such as gossip.

Tragically, we have closeness to these topics and that is why you must be vigilant at this point, otherwise you will ask yourself at a point where time – which is actually planned differently – has disappeared …

Vigilance is the first step in a successful struggle against annoying energy monsters (time wasters) in your daily life.

That’s why it’s mine first practical tip: Be alert when communicating with friends, whether on the web or in private conversations, because you are always critical.

Are the exchanges factual or are they just superficial matters?

As soon as you realize that this is the problem, you must take the initiative and reduce the exchange to factual topics and, if this is not possible, cancel.

Unfortunately, the reality is often different.

You are not always alert and you might find it difficult to take the initiative in the discussion.

In such a case Practical Tip Two: Limit time and stop communication after this.

This way you can maintain contact and also have time for the things you really want to do.

If you choose this path, you must first communicate it by saying at the outset that you actually want to read the book tonight, but it will still take half an hour now.

However, you must be consistent and break off the conversation after half an hour.

The best way to overcome time wastage

Just as there is number one time eater, there is also number one way to master time eater.

What is certain that the unlucky energy monster in your life to replace it is the goal.

Always be aware of your goals for the things you do. Ideally, you should write down this goal, because nothing has as much meaning as the written word.

Good resolution sounds good, but it’s not binding and unfortunately doesn’t mean much.

Another aspect that gives meaning to your goals is that the goals must be specific (unique), measurable, interesting, realistic, and time (= SMART). Otherwise they will become shallow and shallow and you will not be able to reach them.

Therefore the goal has at least two relevant criteria. First, they are SMART and second, they are corrected in writing.

From this fact you can The practical tip is three Down: The purpose of questioning what you are doing.

If this is not in accordance with the goal, stop doing it because it is a monstrous energy monster that you should not accept, it prevents you from reaching your destination.


Time waster
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I found an interesting aspect while working on this article.

Daily activities such as shopping, cleaning the apartment, closing laundry or waiting we are often regarded by us as time wasters because they take us away from our goals hold on.

I even have read onthat you have to stop doing everything that is preventing you from reaching your goals, because you can only achieve those goals if you give them top priority.

I can only smile tired because such advice is unrealistic.

The things above are things that need to be done.

For this reason, I want to∎ perceived time wasters.

But with a little creativity you can bridge this waste of time logically. For example, you can listen to audio books, podcasts, or CDs while hanging laundry or reading a book while you are waiting for someone.

There is no limit to your creativity here.

That is why Practical tip number four: Keep trying until you find a personal way to overcome the unavoidable waste of time.


Time-outs are also considered time-eaters.

Just a few days ago I sat on my bed listening to Beethoven’s symphony and immediately my inner critic came forward and reminded me that I still had a lot to do.

On the other hand, I also know that I need this time to work on my goals again in a motivated way.

If you don’t treat yourself with a short break in everyday life, there will be a very long time in your life due to illness.

Practical tip number five Therefore: Learn to consciously accept the deadline and use it creatively.

I would be glad if the practical tips listed here help you to make yourself aware again about the time-consuming permanent topic and hope that it will help you to control your energy tense monsters.

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