Ramen noodle omelette.

You will be able to cook Ramen noodle omelette using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Right here is the preparing you must do in order to smoke it.

Ingredients for Ramen noodle omelette

  1. – Prepare 1 of instant noodle/ramen u like (i used indomie).
  2. – It’s 2 of eggs.
  3. – You need 1 pinch of salt n pepper.
  4. – You need of Water.
  5. – It’s of Frying oil (i used at about 4 tbsp oil).

Ramen noodle omelette instructions

  1. Boil the noodle. Then set aside. Throw away the water after boiled.
  2. Crack the egg then beat it n mix it with noodle. add salt n pepper.
  3. Prepare heated pan then put noodle omelette (step 3) on pan. Wait until golden then flip the omelette and cooked until the color change (golden).
  4. Serve it. U can eat this with tomato sauce if u like.

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Source : Cookpad.com