Durian Mochi.

You may cook Durian Mochi using 5 ingredients and 11 steps. This is actually the prep you should do to cook it.

Ingredients of Durian Mochi

  1. – You need 250 g of glutinous rice flour.
  2. – Prepare 150 g of Rice flour.
  3. – It’s 500 g of water.
  4. – You need 60 g of sugar (not sweet version).
  5. – You need of 300 g durian puree.

Durian Mochi instructions

  1. Used mixer to blend the durian puree till smooth. Keep them in a plastic bag and press flat wtih 0.5 inch thickness. Keep it in freezer overnight..
  2. Mix all the flour, water and sugar till smooth..
  3. Steam the flour mixture for 30min until cooked..
  4. Use mixer to blend the steamed dough, this process will turn the dough into chewy and smooth texture..
  5. Let it cool..
  6. Bring out the frozen durian puree, cut them into small cubes..
  7. Wear plastic gloves and brush over with oil to avoid mochi stick to glove.
  8. Take a small portion of mochi and wrap the durian puree. Please note that the durian puree need to be frozen in order to wrap nicely.
  9. Coat the mochi with cooked corn flour..
  10. Keep mochi in fridge for serving in half an hour later or keep them in freezer to consume few days later. The mochi is nice when it is soft and cool..
  11. Done. Enjoy.

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Source : Cookpad.com