Overnight Oats. Make ahead oatmeal is simple to customize with your favorite flavors. Watch how to make the best overnight oats in this short recipe video! You'll never want to make overnight oats any other way.

Discover overnight oats—a fun and delicious way to enjoy Quaker® Oats! Either add fruit, yogurt, nuts or other tasty ingredients with your favorite milk and oats in a mason jar or find our Overnight Oat. Be sure to bookmark this post, so you can try a new flavor every day of the week! It is possible to have Overnight Oats using 9 ingredients and 5 steps. This is the prep you need to do in order to smoke it.

Ingredients for Overnight Oats

  1. – It’s 1/2 cup of Roasted oats.
  2. – You need as needed of Milk or fresh fruits juice.
  3. – You need as needed of Almond chopped.
  4. – You need 1 of Walnuts.
  5. – You need as needed of Chopped dates.
  6. – You need 2 tbsp of Roasted sesame seeds.
  7. – It’s 3 tbsp of Grated coconut.
  8. – You need 1 of Chopped apple.
  9. – Prepare 2 tbsp of Pomegranate.

Overnight Oatmeal is very popular, some people add Greek yogurt to theirs for more protein, but personally I'm not a fan of the tangy taste. They are easy to make, simply combine oats with some. Overnight oats are the perfect breakfast if you love eating oatmeal in the morning but don't have time to cook before you head out the door. My base recipe consists of whole rolled oats soaked in almond.

Overnight Oats instructions

  1. All ingredients of overnight oats..
  2. Add oats&milk to a jar.Add half of the nuts&dates..
  3. Top with little more milk to immerse the ingredients.Refrigerate over night or at least for 4 hours..
  4. Just before serving,add coconut,rest of the nuts,seeds,dates,chopped apple&pomegranate..
  5. Serve with in 2 hours of taking out from the refrigerator..

This Overnight Oats with Yogurt recipe is a nutritional powerhouse. It's loaded with protein, calcium and fiber and will keep you full all morning long. This is a great meal-prep recipe that is made with. Recipe courtesy of Min Kwon, M. In the morning, add additional liquid if you'd like.

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