Overnight oats. Make ahead oatmeal is simple to customize with your favorite flavors. Watch how to make the best overnight oats in this short recipe video! You'll never want to make overnight oats any other way.

Be sure to bookmark this post, so you can try a new flavor every day of the week! Discover overnight oats—a fun and delicious way to enjoy Quaker® Oats! Either add fruit, yogurt, nuts or other tasty ingredients with your favorite milk and oats in a mason jar or find our Overnight Oat. You will be able to have Overnight oats using 6 ingredients and 1 steps. This is actually the preparation you want to do to prepare it.

Ingredients for Overnight oats

  1. – It’s 1/2 cup of yogurt.
  2. – It’s 1/4 cup of milk.
  3. – Prepare 1 spoon of honey.
  4. – Prepare 1 cup of oats.
  5. – It’s 1 of strawberry.
  6. – You need of Coconut shavings.

A big bowl of overnight oats is the best way to start the day! Overnight oats are the easy, healthy breakfast you'll always feel good about eating. They're high in protein and fiber — which will keep you full throughout the morning — and they're perfect for taking on. Overnight oats are the perfect breakfast if you love eating oatmeal in the morning but don't have time to cook before you head out the door.

Overnight oats instructions

  1. In a bowl add yogurt, milk, honey and oats keep it overnight in fridge. The next day before eating add coconut shavings on top,chop a strawberry and garnish it with shavings of coconut and pieces of strawberry..

My base recipe consists of whole rolled oats soaked in almond. Overnight oats are raw oats mixed with milk and soaked overnight. The most easy way to make overnight oats is in individual jars. Glass Mason jars with metal or plastic lid are the most common. Overnight oats are delicious, so easy to make and perfect for meal prep.

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