Use Up Egg Whites in Soft, Sweet Panna Cotta.

You will be able to cook Use Up Egg Whites in Soft, Sweet Panna Cotta using 8 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is the preparing you ought to do to prepare it.

Ingredients for Use Up Egg Whites in Soft, Sweet Panna Cotta

  1. – It’s 1 tbsp of ◎Gelatin powder.
  2. – You need 3 tbsp of ◎Water.
  3. – Prepare 200 ml of Milk.
  4. – Prepare 60 grams of Sugar.
  5. – Prepare 100 ml of Double cream.
  6. – Prepare 12 of drops Vanilla extract.
  7. – Prepare 1 of Egg white.
  8. – You need 100 grams of △Sugar.

Use Up Egg Whites in Soft, Sweet Panna Cotta instructions

  1. Put the ◎ ingredients in a small container. Leave to stand for about 15 minutes to soften the gelatin..
  2. Combine milk and sugar in a sauce pan and heat on medium. Stir with a plastic spatula to dissolve the sugar. Turn off the heat..
  3. Add the gelatin from Step 1 into the milk from Step 2 quickly and stir with a plastic spatula gently to melt the gelatin completely..
  4. Add cream and vanilla extract, then stir well with a plastic spatula. Transfer the mixture into a bowl..
  5. Place the bowl over a bowl filled with ice and water then stir from the bottom up with a plastic spatula..
  6. Once thickened, remove the bowl from the ice water bowl..
  7. Make the meringue. Put the egg white in another bowl and whisk. Divide the sugar into 2 portions and add a portion at a time. Whisk the egg white constantly..
  8. It's ready when you can hold up the whisk and soft white peaks form. When you hold the bowl upside down and the meringue doesn't fall, it's done..
  9. Stir Step 6 quickly and add to the meringue straight away. Stir the mixture gently from the bottom with a whisk..
  10. *If you want to remove the panna cotta from the ramekins, grease the insides of ramekins with vegetable oil (not listed), using your finger to spread out the grease evenly before filling them..
  11. Spoon the mixture from Step 9 into the ramekins..
  12. Arrange the ramekins on a tray and put the tray into the fridge for about 2 hours until set..
  13. When set, they should be ready to serve..

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