Lemon Drop Martini. This is the absolute Best Lemon Drop Martini! It is a perfect combination of sweet and sour. How to make a perfect lemon drop martini cocktail with a homemade lemon sugar rim.

It has been described as a variant of, or as "a take on", the Vodka Martini. It is typically prepared and served straight up – chilled with ice and strained. Here's the best lemon drop martini you'll have, made simply with vodka, Cointreau and lemon! It is possible to cook Lemon Drop Martini using 4 ingredients and 1 steps. This can be the planning you ought to do in order to cook it.

Ingredients of Lemon Drop Martini

  1. – It’s 1 1/2 oz of grey goose vodka.
  2. – Prepare 1/2 oz of triple sec.
  3. – Prepare 1 tsp of super fine sugar.
  4. – It’s 3/4 oz of lemon juice.

It's festive and refreshing, with a lemon twist and sugar rim. Some mislabel the Lemon Drop a Martini. A Lemon Drop Martini is the perfect cocktail to make any night of the week! With only three easy to find ingredients, you are going to want to make this drink all the time!

Lemon Drop Martini step by step

  1. Mix the Grey Goose vodka, triple sec, sugar and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes. Shake well to make sure sugar is blended. Pour strained liquor into a sugar-rimmed martini glass and garnish with a twisted peel of lemon.  NOTE: To create a sugar-rimmed glass, take a lemon wedge and rub the drinking surface of the glass so it is barely moist. Dip the edge of the glass into sugar..

A classic martini gets a little sweet with the addition of limoncello. It tastes just like your favorite lemon candy, which is a very good thing. The Lemon Drop Martini is a citrusy, sweet & sour vodka cocktail with a touch of orange liqueur. The rim of the glass is often coated with sugar, creating a sugary sweet drink. Lemon drop martini mixes are, essentially, a lemon sour—sweetened lemon juice in a convenient pour-and-shake package.

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Source : Cookpad.com